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After your energy audit and lighting upgrade proposal. Albright will have our techs install sample fixtures in the areas you are considering for upgrade.



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Our 5 Easy Steps to Retrofitting

Step 1: Identify energy savings & provide proposal

Step 2: Proposal signed & NJCEP application submitted

Step 3: Install equipment & perform project work

Step 4: Submit final paperwork to NJCEP to release incentive

Step 5: Enjoy rebate and energy savings

turnkey solutions

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Whats included?

1 - All of our proposals include a turnkey installation of labor, material & all rebate filing. Unless otherwise noted.

2 - We are responsible for proper disposal/recycling of removed fixtures & lamps.

3 - We own, supply & insure all scissor lifts to perform the necessary work.

4 - Our projects are completed during business hours unless otherwise arranged beforehand.

5 - Fixture warranties are dependent on brand but most are covered between 5 - 10 years.



On average our customers reduce their energy costs by 70%.

Checkout our Featured Case Studies to see actual projects and real savings.


Before & After Energy Cost Comparison

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