Lighting Maintenance

Albright believes that lighting maintenance is more than replacing a burned-out bulb. Our maintenance team takes a complete look at your needs, including materials and labor.

We can work with you to offer a solution to your maintenance needs that can save you money by minimizing return trips as well as getting (and keeping) your facilities up and running efficiently.




Lighting And Maintenance Plan

Albright takes the headache out of stocking many different types of bulbs and ballasts for your building. Tired of bulbs and ballasts going out at inconvienant times? Albright offers customized lighting maintenance plans to keep the lights on and your employees of of ladders. We offer both monthly or quartly plans to suit your needs.

Group Relamping

This is where we typically come in after hours and replace ALL the bulbs in your facility. Interior & Exterior.

Lumen depreciation, color shift over life and cost reduction are the main reasons to consider a group relamping program. Why wait til there are so many bulbs out that it becomes an emergency. This approach saves from emergency service calls and lets you budget for what your lighting maintenance costs will be beforehand.