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The NJCEP has chosen Albright Electric as an authorized vendor to evaluate and validate buisnesses for incentives though the Prescriptive Lighting Measures of the New Jersey Clean Energy Program.

How is the Program Funded?

The New Jersey Clean Energy Program offers to pay businesses who upgrade their existing lighting to new energy efficient LED lighting. This program is funded through the Societal Benefits charge on your utility bill.

The Board of Public Utilities mandates utility companies to collect from every commercial customer they supply with electricity. Meaning you have been paying into it for as long as you've had an account.

Why not get some of it back?

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How Much do I Qualify for?

The rebate you qualify for is based on the type of lights you have existing compared to the type you are installing. Rebates range from $3 up to $150 per fixture. For example: depending on the wattage LED highbays can qualify for either $75 or $150 per fixture.

The NJCEP has outlined a process in order to qualify for rebates. Don't worry we have successfully helped many companies secure rebates through the Clean Energy Program. We are very familiar with the process and file all necessary paperwork for our clients.

Don't leave money on the table...

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Do I qualify for Double Rebates?

This is the first year that the NJCEP has decided to double the rebate amounts for select areas.

If your business is in an "Urban Enterprise Zone" or an "Opportunity Zone" then you qualify for double the rebate amount up to the cost of the project. For example, Let’s say your project cost is $10,000 and the rebate you qualify for is &4,900, well if you happen to be in one of the two areas mentioned you would take that rebate amount and double it! You would get a $9,800 rebate on a $10,000 project making your out of pocket expense only $200 after the rebate. Use this link to check for yourself and see if you qualify for double the rebate amount.

Click: UEZ Zone & OZ Map, Select: "Urban Enterprise Zone" & "Opportunity Zone" If your business is in one of the highlighted areas you qualify.

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Are The Rebates Guaranteed?

Yes, once Albright submits the paperwork needed The New Jersey Clean Energy Program will send a letter showing exactly how much your business qualifies for. As long as nothing has changed from what was originally filed that rebate amount stays the same. This rebate is not a tax credit or a discount on your utility bill it is a check mailed directly to you. This amount will be held until the project is complete and both parties sign off. See an actual acceptance letter from one our projects. 

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When Do I Get My Rebate?

Once you receive the acceptance letter from the NJCEP you have one year to complete the project. After the project is complete Albright submits the final documentation showing that the project was completed with no changes from what was originally submitted and that the project has been paid for. The NJCEP then begins the final processing of the rebate check.

The rebate check takes about 60-90 days to be processed and mailed directly to the customer.


Can I Finance The Project?

Yes, Albright Electric has paired up with Graybar to offer our clients financing with a trusted name in the industry. With Graybar Financial Services, you can now afford to retrofit and still pay less per month than you were with your old lighting. Flexible terms and low monthly payments along with the option of applying your incentive make financing the smart choice.

Retrofit now and let the savings pay for it.

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How Can I Thank You?

The absolute best compliment we can receive is a referral. Refer us to someone that you do business with and "pay it forward". Albright gets a good portion of our projects from customers who were so happy that they shared their results with people they do business with. If you check out our Case Studies page you will probably find some businesses that you are doing business with right now.


The NJCEP has selected Albright Electric as an authorized vendor to evaluate businesses and apply for incentives under the Prescriptive Lighting Measures of NJ's Clean Energy Program.