Lighting Retrofits

Lighting retrofits offer the lowest upfront cost.
Whatever your reason for retrofitting, Albright is ready to help. We,ve seen it all over the years… from the good, the bad and the even ugly. Knowing when to retrofit and when to replace is a skill that can only be achieved over time and through countless projects. Let us take care of all your lighting needs to ensure a successful installation and many years of energy savings.

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Albright Offers Turnkey Lighting Upgrades

We take the guess work out of upgrading your lighting by offering low cost solutions with high energy savings. We have been in the lighting business a long time and know what it takes to get the job done. From one for one replacements to complete lighting layouts, let us handle the project so you can focus on running your business.

Lighting Upgrades

Did you know that by upgrading your lighting you can cut your utility costs by as much as 70%... We did.

Lighting upgrades offer one of the best ROI’s. We live lighting all day every day, it’s what we do. We have the expertise and knowledge to offer the most cost efficient upgrade to achieve the best energy savings and ROI.